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L’impression en nuage rend vos processus d’impression flexibles, rentables et simples. Et avec SEAL Systems, même indépendant du matériel. Des exigences de sortie complexes peuvent également être réalisées dans le Cloud.

Output Management à partir du Cloud

Output Management à partir du Cloud
The SEAL Systems output management enables the processing of all data formats from all company applications (SAP, Windows and Office, terminal servers, PLM and CAD, smartphones and tablets, web applications, digital archives and DMS) as well as the smooth, optimally controlled output on all output channels. In addition, existing authentication methods for multifunction printers can be integrated. And of course this also works in the cloud, no matter whether it is on premise, via a public or your private cloud.

Cloud printing can be easily integrated into existing application landscapes and does not require its own infrastructure. You can easily book all necessary services as Managed Services. Since SEAL Systems’ output management is based on a microservice architecture, it allows the user to operate only those services that he actually needs. Distributed locations are supported. It is also possible to print from a mobile phone or tablet from different locations without any additional infrastructure. The management of print landscapes and comprehensive fleet management can be quickly and easily extended for cloud installations. High availability for document creation, spooling and distribution via cloud printing is also ensured by a modern cluster architecture.